How to Decorate your Home / Office this Diwali?

It’s finally time for some celebration-and for more than 1 reason. We are looking at positive signs on the vaccine development front, we are seeing a certain low in the cases of coronavirus and ITS NEARING DIWALI TIME! Feels like Diwali is late this year, for a reason! 

So, let’s get our offices and homes shining should we? 

Here are some tips to do so: 

1. Not just clean, also Sanitize your Homes and Offices

We all have added an extra skill of cleaning over the last few months. With the addition of Spin Mops, Hi-fi cobweb removers, Robots and many more cleaning technologies, I think we can go for one more round of a good cleaning, by sanitizing our homes and offices. 

2. Lights- DIY while WFH

The festival of lights has to have lights. But how about we do it traditionally this time?

Why buy, let’s make our Diya’s and lanterns at home this Diwali.

Making Diwali lights is going to be fun and a lot of quality time with your family. 

a) Make your own Diya’s:

Clay or Wax, you choose and start your Diya making project soon. The kids at home are going to love this project. And you may now find how creative your kids are. Many videos on YouTube will help you on how to make the Diya’s.

Make the Diya’s, take a day or two to dry them up and the next engaging project on your list is going to be painting Diya’s.  

b) Make a light based wind-chime!

Pick up a log or a branch, put up 2-3 sets of fairy lights on it and attach some chimes below. Yes, as simple as that and it looks all pretty sitting on your balcony!

For your home: You can hang 3 of these at regular intervals in your balcony

For your office: This is perfect at the entrance or even 7-8 of these across the whole office at regular intervals 

c) Lantern:

Make an authentic lantern like we did in school. Bring back your childhood memories.

Gather some chart paper, marble paper, glue, glitter, strings to tie and get started.  

3. Flowers:

Flowers have been an integral part of Diwali for the longest- Marigold being the favorite of all. Ever wondered why?

Well…Marigold flowers are called the “Herb of the Sun” and the fragrance is known to change the mood and be a stress buster as well. The orange color is considered auspicious for new beginnings. 

Well… now let’s see how we can use flowers in our Diwali setup! 

a) A grand flowery entrance:

Choose a healthy round pot. Keep it on a stand. Let a trail of marigold flowers come out of it elegantly, like water.

Try it, it works! 

For your Home: You can place this on the entrance, it will give an elegant and traditional look.

For your office: This would make an absolutely positive and beautiful entrance piece for sure–giving a very inviting vibe. 

4. Colours:

How can we miss colour…every festival of India has to have colours in it, right? Here’s how you can have a colorful Diwali this year: 

a) Rangoli: While Rangoli is a must-do and goes without saying, there are a lot of new ways of doing this beautifully these days. 

Well, firstly this is certainly the right time to start taking creative rangoli classes which are even happening virtually these days! But if you are not opting for that, here are some awesome tricks of the trade:

- The mesh you use at home: It’s a perfect hack for filling a space in your design consistently

- Patterns: Pick 7-8 chopsticks and keep it at regular intervals on your rangoli and put colour across the whole space. The part of the chopsticks once you pick them up will remain empty in that exact shape making it an amazing design

- Add flowers to your rangoli or even diyas to make it elegant and beautiful 

b) Torans, Bells and more…

Torans add colours and beauty to the decor. You can have matching torans across all the doors of your house and at the entrance as well. They really add that gold touch to the house! 

Having given all the tips above, we genuinely wish and hope that you are taking care of all the required precautions during these times and keeping it safe as you enjoy the festive atmosphere.

Do mail/DM us on social media and tell us which tip you picked up and implemented for Diwali! 

Have a good festive season ahead friends!

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