15 Money Saving Life Hacks For Your Home

With our budget conscious lifestyle, we often miss on our smaller expenditures. No doubt, saving a few rupees here and there can help cut our costs and add up over time to a big amount.

Worried about the effort, time and lifestyle? The good news is with a lot of life hacks for your home you can save this money without sacrificing on the quality and standard of your living.

Following are top 15hacks that can save your money at different places in your home:

1) Plant more trees:
Plant trees around your home. Make your surroundings green. This will not only refresh your mind and soul but will keep your house cool and beautiful. This will indirectly save on your AC bills.

2) Paint your roof white:
If you own an independent house, paint your roof with white paint since dark color roofs absorb more heat and make the house warm. This will avoid you from using coolers, air-conditioners and fans.

3) Switch to Compact fluorescent lights (CFLs):
CFLs are more efficient, save energy and are long lasting as compared to standard lighting methods. CFLs can bring down your cost to approx 6000-7000 rupees a year.

4) Use natural cleansers instead of buying expensive cleaners:
For example, all it takes to clean your sink is salt and lemon. Rub lemon and salt and it will take away the hardest and the ugliest stains in minutes.

5) Use electric kettles:
Electric kettles are indeed very economical, cost effective and can make instant tea and coffee as compared to boiling the same amount of water using any other resource. Electric kettles can save on your gas expenses.

6) Keep your room closets close:
Though it may sound strange but close closets do save the energy consumed in heating and cooling that area plus avoid wearing out of clothes.

7) Cut back on water usage:
Closing the water tap when not in use while brushing your teeth and taking shorter showers or by reducing the water flow of the showers can actually save you energy and reduce your water bills each month.

8) Adjust your room temperature:
Set your room temperature to 20 degree Celsius in winters and 26 degree Celsius in summers can save your energy bills and keep them low. Anything lower and higher may consume 3 times more electricity per degree. It’s better to invest in a programmable thermostat that will adjust your room temperature automatically.

9) Adjust screen brightness:
With great power comes great electricity bill. Adjust the brightness of your television, computers to save on energy to reduce power consumption.

10) Wash clothes efficiently:
Use cool water to wash clothes instead of warm. We understand some clothes may need to be washed with warm water. Make a habit of washing only such clothes and stains with warm water. This will help you save the electricity bill.

11) Dry clothes on clothesline:
Not using dryer and drying clothes on clothesline can actually save around INR 2000-3000 a year.

12) Unplug unused electronics:
Studies show that certain amount of energy is consumed even if an electronic is not in use. It’s better to unplug all the electrical appliances once you hit the bed.

13) Install a water purifier:
Investing in a water purifier is a wise call than buying 20 litre water bottles on a regular basis. This has many other benefits too. It works handy to have clean and purified water 24X7.

14) Cut down on your cable bill:
These days cable companies offer different plans that can help you save more.Opt for a plan that works best for you instead of opting for premium plans.

15) Use herbs and fruits from your kitchen:
To make air fresheners and avoid buying expensive counter air fresheners, you can use fruite peels instead of throwing them, herbs and spices.

All these tit bits will surely save you loads of amount. None of these hacks will lower down your life quality. All it requires is just an extra bit of caution and care and your savings will surely rise drastically.