5 Easy Ways To Know Your Realtor For Real

Your search for the right home is not just a mandatory process that you go through which miraculously lands you upon the right property… It’s a journey that involves a lot of decision making and a lot of investment of time and effort from you that successfully brings you to the right destination at the right time.

As you make that journey, you rely upon the expertise and the acumen of a person that is deemed as your guide to the right home. Your realtor! He/she may find you the right apartment for you in no time or may prove to be completely worthless and end up wasting your time.  It’s a journey that demands a lot from you and you shall only place your trust in someone who is qualified and prepared to take that journey with you.

So, how would you go about choosing the right realtor for this journey of yours?  What does your realtor know about the market, about various localities and neighborhoods? How do you know your realtor for real? Well, there are several ways to gauge a realtor’s capabilities, know-how and professionalism in the real estate industry. And more importantly, knowing the realtor’s ability to understand your exact requirements and provide options with fast turnaround times.


Here are 5 proven ways to know your realtor for real!

  1. Past record/experience –

Ask your realtor about his past experience which tells you about his type of clients, the number of clients handled and the type of properties dealt with.  This will open up a dialogue between you and the realtor, and allow you to get to the brass-tacks of his expertise/qualifications.

  1. Check their knowledge base-

Ask them questions about the market, about various areas you like to move in or your preferred areas.  Know what insights they have to offer about it and accordingly, you can know whether he/she could be the right person to guide you in your search

  1. Ask for references

Talking to their previous clients can give you a whole lot of perspective about their attitude, about their commitments and even about their capabilities.  Their clients are the best people to learn things from, which you may never expect to find out. Things that can be great and useful or could be a warning in disguise!

  1. Trust the chemistry

Realtors are after all people. Even if they are highly capable, they need to be able to bond with you and understand your emotions when it comes to buying a house. They need to have your best interests at heart. A vibe can tell a thousand things. Things which go un-noticed and which can definitely prove to be of utmost importance.

  1. What can they offer?

After all, you need a person who can offer tangible feedback, insights and sound information, rather than a person who is just there to do what you ask.  Don’t waste your time on realtors who are very frugal with their inputs. Go with someone who shows you the big picture and knows how to get you the right home.

It is always good to check things beforehand when it comes to taking such big decisions so that you know what you’re signing up for. We suggest you check online the project you plan to invest in. For any such queries related to BramhaCorp, do visit our website www.bramhacorp.in. This will help you cross-check the information your realtor has provided you.