5 Must-Have Amenities for a Comfortable and Healthy Lifestyle

“Health is wealth”, a popular adage got a real-life boost during the pandemic. As social interactions reduced, travel ceased and work-from-home blurred the lines between log-in and log-off times, people realized the impact of the rat race on their mental and physical health. Thankfully, things are getting back to normalcy and the good thing is that many of us are now focusing on living a healthy lifestyle.

One of the key aspects of living a healthy lifestyle is to have the right kind of amenities at your disposal. Many residential complexes have been thoughtfully designed keeping in mind the rigors of our stressful lives. Real estate developers consult experts from various fields to balance the elements of design, aesthetics, spirituality, and health to give you Zen-like living space.

Here are 5 must-have amenities for a comfortable and healthy lifestyle:


Water has a very calming effect on us. It not only relaxes our minds but also strengthens our bodies. For these reasons, swimming is considered to be a complete exercise regime. It is a low-impact activity that packs in a lot of physical and mental benefits. Swimming results in a full-body exercise as you need to push your body through the resistance of water thereby usinga majority of your muscles. A regular 30-minute swim can help you pump your heart and lungs and maintain a healthy weight.


We traverse through the city for work on a daily basis. Hence, it is only natural that when it comes to focusing on our health, the amenities should be located within the gated community. A good residential complex needs to have a state-of-the-art gymnasium that is accessible to the residents. A good gym has the right mix of equipment like machines and weights along with open floor spaces.A simple walk on the treadmill or pumping the iron can boost adrenalin in your body and charge you up for a hectic day. Likewise, if you prefer to exercise in the evening, it can also help you release the pent-up energy of the day. A good gym helps you strengthen your core and muscles, boost happy hormones, and burn excess calories while toning your body and managing your weight.


Imagine jogging through a path that goes around a ground, or through a curated forest, surrounded by lush, manicured greens and colorful flowers, with musical water fountains at regular intervals. The thought itself is so refreshing. This is what a good jogging track can do to your mental and physical health. It is said that jogging for at least 30-minutes a day helps you lose weight and reduce your body fat percentage and BMI. It can also help you keep lifestyle diseases like cholesterol and diabetes at bay. Jogging, like other forms of exercise, keeps you physically active, mobile, and independent even in your advanced years.  Hence it is essential for a residential complex to have a well-designed jogging track.


Yoga is one of India’s gifts to the world. While this is an age-old practice, it is being rediscovered by us and reincorporated into our daily lives. Yoga is a holistic activity that balances the body and mind, aligns your chakras,and improves your overall flexibility. It is an activity that can be done by people of all ages and body types. You can start with simple breathing exercises and move on to various asanas and meditation to increase your attention, calm your nerves and ensure stillness of mind.

Along with the mind, it is also necessary to take care of one’s body. Hence it is advisable to include some aerobics in your daily schedule. A brisk walk or some floor exercises are helpful in keeping the body supple and agile. Again, this doesn’t take a lot of time and planning and can be done any time of the day depending on your convenience. It is especially beneficial for people who work from home, homemakers, and senior citizens.


“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. This saying is especially true in today’s competitive times as children need to stay ahead of the game from a young age. This includes various scholastic and extra-curricular activities over and above academics. With classing being divided between online and offline, many children face the risk of mental fatigue or becoming couch potatoes.

To avoid this, it is very essential to have a complex with an adequate kids’ play area. This includes equipment for physical games as well as areas for indoor activities. For children to grow up well-balanced, it is important to incorporate an element of play and fun into their daily schedule. A well-designed kids’ play area is also a great place for socializing and developing interpersonal skills which are much required for a well-rounded personality.

Apart from the above, a well-thought residential complex will also have recreational facilities in the form of multi-purpose halls or courts.


A happy and healthy community is one where all the residents come together to celebrate good times. And considering the diversity of our country, there is never a dearth of opportunities to celebrate. Be it festivals or birthdays or professional and personal success, everyone needs a reason to cheer. At such times, it helps if the residential complex has avenues for recreational facilities. These could be in the form of clubhouses for games and parties or gazebos where small groups can gather. A lot of the complexes also have multi-purpose halls and courts that house various games and sports options like table tennis, badminton, basketball, lawn tennis, chess, and carom to name a few. The halls also form a perfect location for karaoke evenings, dance classes, or art and craft workshops.

These activities not just help you unwind after a hard day’s work, but also provide companionship to senior citizens whilst fostering a community spirit amongst youngsters and adults alike.

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