5 Reasons to Choose New Kalyani Nagar For a Luxury Lifestyle

Finding the right luxury home takes tremendous efforts as you’re trying to find the perfect option that satisfies your specific needs and leaves no room for disappointment. All luxury apartments across any city or metro, have their own unique USPs and offerings in terms of amenities, space and most importantly, locality! Apart from having the perfect layout, the best of views or premium amenities, having a good locality is what truly creates a complete luxury living experience for you and your family.

Property area- It affects multiple areas of your life!

Buying a luxury apartment in today’s times with sky-rocketing prices and densely populated metros, choosing the right area is an unmatched luxury that you gift yourself. Your locality influences all kinds of activities you’ve got going on for yourself. Everything in your life will need to change as per your property’s location.   

A few aspects of your lifethat need to be considered; 

1.     Social life: Catching up with friends and family is easier when you have a home situated in a locality with great connectivity to other parts of the city.

2.     Work commute: Having minimum commute keeps you from getting completely exhausted after work and makes it easier to quickly reach home or any other place in the city, in case of an emergency.

3.     Family activities: You can easily make last-minute plans for movie outings or shopping when you don’t have to travel too far from your home.

4.     Children’s needs: Whether its school or vocational/coaching classes, its best to have their needs taken care of in areas within your locality.

 New Kalyani Nagar

 Due to the rapid urbanization of its major parts, Pune has witnessed the development of some exquisite localities such as Baner, Kharadi and Hinjewadi. One such locality is the New Kalyani Nagar area. An up and coming neighborhood located adjacent to the residential paradise of Pune known as Kalyani Nagar, New Kalyani Nagar has big things to offer!  Ultra-luxury projects all over the area, well-planned connectivity to all prime areas of Pune and home to some of the finest nightlife spots and restaurants, New Kalyani Nagar already reigns supreme in the luxury lifestyle landscape! 

Choosing New Kalyani Nagar for your luxury lifestyle 

The aforementioned points shall put things in perspective for you, as to how you need to treat your locality when it comes to planning your property purchase.  That being said, let’s see how New Kalyani Nagar lives up to the typical requirements of a luxury lifestyle.  

5 reasons to choose New Kalyani Nagar for your luxury lifestyle; 

1. Perfect connectivity: 

New Kalyani Nagar offers quick and effective connectivity to all major business parks, government offices, railway stations, and prime areas of Pune, including the airport. Due to its smart road planning and infrastructure, you can get in or get out of New Kalyani Nagar without getting stuck in the city traffic.  

2. Luxury lifestyle Hub:

Majority of the projects in New Kalyani Nagar are designed for an ultra-luxury lifestyle with state-of-the-art amenities and premium living spaces. BramhaCorp properties, one of the biggest players in luxury residences, has 2 projects in this area namely F-residences and The Collection.  These projects offer designer apartments that match international luxury housing standards and have proved to be the benchmarks of elite residential projects in India, with F-Residences winning numerous national awards.  

3. Shopping& Nightlife:

 Being situated in close proximity to Kalyani Nagar and Koregoan Park, New Kalyani Nagar residents enjoy easy access to all the premium shopping outlets, malls and movie theatres of Pune. Apart from that, New Kalyani Nagar is also the home to some of the most popular restaurants, bars and nightclubs of Pune. 

4. Schools & Colleges:

New Kalyani Nagar is situated in close proximity to a variety of schools, day-care centers and colleges, with some of them being the most reputedacademic institutes in Pune. Here are some of the well-known schools and colleges;


a.     The Lexicon International School

b.     The Bishop’s Co-Ed School


a.     Symbiosis Institute

b.     Christ College

 5. Parks & Recreation:

There are some beautiful public parks and gardens situated very close to New Kalyani Nagar, like the Kasturba Gandhi Garden. Along with that, there are several health clubs, fitness centers and jogging tracks situated in this area.

 If you’re looking for a locality that offers more than you budget for your luxury living experience, New Kalyani Nagar is the place you should be looking for. This is one of the very few areas in Pune that provides a rich and diverse lifestyle for all types of families.

 What BramhaCorp Have in this location?

As a leading real estate developer of Pune, BramhaCorp offers 2 full-scale premium residential projects in New Kalyani Nagar, F-Residences & THE COLLECTION.  F-Residences is an award-winning project developed in collaboration with F-TV (fashion TV). Our flagship project, THE COLLECTION, is newly launched project inspired by the success of F-Residences. This venture is pushing the luxury lifestyle standard even higher. To learn more about these projects and their offerings, you can visit the sales office at New Kalyani Nagar, Pune.