5 Things Real Estate Agents Should Know About New Construction Projects

As a real estate agent, you will need a different approach to selling a new construction project compared to an existing commercial or residential project. Since the seller is the builder and the buyer will be the first person to live in it, the process can be exciting and overwhelming. Most builders have sales offices and in-house agents to sell new construction projects. However, these agents tend to have the interests of the builder in mind. Hence, many buyers look for real estate agents who specialize in new construction commercial/residential projects to look after their interests. This puts a lot of responsibility on the shoulders of estate agents to ensure that the buyers get a good deal. In this article, we will talk about five things that real estate agents should know about new construction projects.

01: Residential construction methods

There are different construction methods to build residential properties. These include:

• Pre-engineered Foundations

• 3D Volumetric Construction

• Tunnel Formwork systems

• Flat Slabs

• Hybrid Concrete Construction

• Thin-Joint Masonry

• Insulating Concrete Formwork

• Light Gauge Steel Construction

• Joisted or Load Bearing Masonry Construction

• Augmented Reality-Assisted Building

• Raised Access Flooring

• Self-Healing Concrete

• Kinetic Footfall Energy Harvesting

Each of these methods has certain pros and cons. As a real estate agent, it is important to understand these methods to explain the same to potential buyers.

02: Exterior and interior construction materials

There are different types of construction materials used for the interiors and exteriors of a building. These include cement, construction steel, reinforcement steel, bitumen, sand, concrete, fly ash, wires, aggregate, bricks, cement blocks, wood, etc. Real estate agents need to understand the different types of construction materials used and their impact on the structure. This can help them explain the strength and durability of the structure to buyers.

03: Architectural design elements

These elements can help buyers understand the experience they can expect after moving into the house. There are ten essential architectural design elements:

1. Shapes

2. Color

3. Lines

4. Spirals and curves

5. Angles

6. Symmetry

7. Contrast

8. Pattern

9. Texture

10. Empty Spaces

With a clear understanding of the design elements, real estate agents can help buyers understand the expected structure after the project is completed.

04: Builder Contract

New projects that are still under construction have certain terms and conditions for the purchase specified in a contract. As a real estate agent facilitating these purchases, it is important to be able to understand these terms so that you can help buyers make informed decisions.

05: Financing options

Many real estate agents also help buyers find adequate financing options for purchasing homes. It is important to remember that getting financing for new construction projects can be difficult compared to existing ones. Hence, agents need to stay aware of the financing options available based on the location and quality of construction.

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