5 Things To Consider Before Choosing Your Home Neighborhood

Your home neighbourhood is your own little world where everything works for you just the way you want it to. You get used to the smallest of things like little convenience stores at walking distances, beauty parlours just around the block or even something like a shopping boulevard that’s just a few minutes’ drives away. If your neighbourhood has everything, then your life shall go on comfortably within the confines of your little world without worry about commuting.

But what does everything mean?  More importantly, what does it mean for you or your family? You need to plan for what locality or area would be best for you to settle in. It’s crucial to your plan of buying the right home.  Buying a home means thinking long-term, thinking about the longevity of every detail and requirement that contributes to the reasons for buying a home in the first place.

Buying is a whole different ballgame from renting! You cannot just switch areas if things don’t work out in your existing neighbourhood. Everything in your neighbourhood has a reason and a purpose for you, which shall fit in right in your long-term plan. So choose your neighbourhood according to the things you’d like to have in your world, as per your plan.

Here’s a list of 5 most important things that typically exist in well-developed localities and must be on your look-out list.

  • Hospitals/clinics- When it’s a matter of your health or your family’s health, time is always of the essence and a good healthcare option in close proximity can be of great help no matter what the situation demands.
  • Schools- The little ones will have to keep getting their education no matter if it’s a completely new neighbourhood for you. Having good school options in close-by areas is definitely a win-win situation for them and you, as it will reduce the hassles of transport and allow you to visit them at school, at any time you like.
  • Departmental stores- A good departmental store is your holy grail for weekly shopping. Once you figure out a store that always has all the necessities for your home requirements, it eventually becomes your special one-stop-shop.
  • Malls/leisure establishments- Quick outings and movie nights are always the perfect stress-busters from your daily hustles. Having good options for leisure activities like indoor gaming and shopping, in close proximity are a must in today’s time so that you don’t have to work too hard just to catch a movie show or a quick bite.
  • Workspace/IT Parks- Commercial zone is one of the most crucial aspects for you to consider while relocating. Your work commutes tend to take up most of your travel time and having a commercial zone closed to your locality can be highly beneficial for you or your family members.

These things are the key to finding the perfect home neighbourhood that can become your own happy world.  The locality of Kalyani Nagar serves as a pretty happy and happening world for a big part of Pune’s population due to its reputation for having a plethora of leisure, shopping, convenience and crucial facilities spread evenly throughout all neighbourhoods. One such known neighbourhood is the New Kalyani Nagar area which houses the best of Pune’s Malls, leisure stores, eatery outlets, and much more. F-Residences at New Kalyani Nagar is one of the prominent housing projects in Kalyani Nagar due to its location, the stylish apartment makes, and world-class indoor and outdoor amenities.  It’s a world of its own situated in one of the most promising and booming areas of Pune.