6 Home Features that Attract The Best Tenants

When you buy a home, it becomes your prized possession. You see it as an abode that you holddear and will remain invaluable to you for years to come. But the world outside sees it in a different way. It sees it as a property that serves a purpose with respect to the current market demands, and has a limited value to it. A value which is defined by the standards followed as per the current market trends, and how well your property lives up to those standards. 

Putting up your home for rent is a great way to gauge how well your home is received in the market’s view, and helps you generate a solid return on your investment. As the majority of today’s population comprise of young couples and working professionals, renting homes is one of the most preferred ways of getting a starter home.  And since every home owner is trying to leverage the best features of their properties to gain more of market’s attention, it’s time to level up your game by working on making homes truly worthy of a good rental option. 

There are various aspects to be worked on before you shall think of listing your homes as a rental option. Everything is highly important, and demandsto be done with due-diligence, so that it renders a strong appeal of your home to these renters. 

Here are 6 essential ways in which you can make your homes worthy of a good rental  

1.      Move-In Condition:

Regular hygiene and quality checks can a go long way for you in keeping your home rental worthy. Keep your homes in the best possible shape so that you don’t miss out on any good deals with top tenants 

2.      Strategic Upgrades: 

When it’s a long term game, a bit of investment always tends to pay off. Try and think what can be done to make your homes more liveable and comfortable for tenants, like adding small furniture sets, utilities etc. 

3.      Overall upkeep:  

As an investment, your property demands regular maintenance and various upkeep activities like painting, deep cleaning etc. This ensures that your home’s market value never drops and maintains a consistent appeal in the eyes of the renters/visitors. This can also lead to spreading the good word about your property through existing tenants or ex-tenants.  

4.      Appliances Included: 

Appliances can be critical in swaying people’s opinion in your favour. As no tenant likes to make heavy investments in appliances, you can go the extra mile and set up basic home appliances in your home and gain an advantage in the market. Maybe even set a higher rent. 

5.      Rent and Price: 

Even though you’re renting your house to reap the benefits of the demand and generate profitable incomes, its best to play it safe and ask for a slightly lower rent than what the market allows you to.   

6.      Electrical and plumbing: 

These 2 make up the most critical aspects of a home’s appeal.  No matter how luxurious your home is or how high the degree of convenience is, electrical and plumbing equipment/fittings are of paramount importance to any tenant. Keeping these 2 aspects in check and in the best shape possible would be direly advantageous to any home owner.   

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