7 ways to brighten up your home

Many of us have scrolled through a home decor magazine or Pinterest and wished that our home looked the same. If you love a home that is bright and cheerful, then there are various steps that you can take to brighten up your home. While the most important aspect is buying a house that has ample natural lighting, some small changes can make your home look lighter and brighter. Here are some tips.

1: Use light paint on the walls

One of the simplest ways of lightening up your space is to use light-colored paint on the walls of your home. If you have dark walls, then changing the color to a lighter shade can transform the place and make it seem livelier and brighter.

2: Use mirrors

Another effective way of brightening your home is adding mirrors. They can make a room look larger by creating an illusion of space. They also reflect light which can turn darker corners of the house into bright spaces. Placing mirrors strategically can convert your home especially if placed across from a window.

3: Use natural light

Ensure that you make the most of the natural light that enters your house. In cities, many houses don’t get enough natural light due to other structures around them. Hence, it is important to take steps to make sure that you allow maximum natural light to enter your home. Be careful about the window treatments you use and keep the curtains closer to the wall to allow your windows to seem larger and allow more light inside.

4: Avoid dark-colored furniture

Furniture and rugs that are dark in color can make the room seem smaller. If your floor is dark, then try adding light-colored rugs as it can make the room look bigger and brighter. On the other hand, if you have light-colored flooring, then you can try adding a dark rug and light-colored furniture to create a brighter interior.

5: Use light furnishings

If you cannot make changes to the furniture, then you can tweak the furnishings in your house to brighten it up. Look at the pillows, curtains, and other furnishings and choose lighter ones to allow the place to ooze light and freshness. Dark-colored throws and rugs can add drama to the room. While you can still use them, make sure that you don’t overdo it as too much dark color can turn a room into a cave.

6: Use plants and flowers

A healthy and effective way to add life to a room is to use fresh plants – preferably flowering ones. However, it is important to remember that real plants need maintenance. If you do not have the time to water and take care of them, then you might want to look at faux plants. This can make the room look fresher and brighter.

7: De-clutter

The last tip is to remove all clutter from your home. Too many things in a room can make it feel cluttered, small, and dark. By de-cluttering it and replacing large pieces with small ones, you can create a brighter and cleaner home in no time.

You can also use ambient lighting smartly to style a room during the day or night. Most importantly, it is important to think about these aspects when you buy a house. Reputed developers consider natural lighting and aesthetics while constructing homes. In Pune, BramhaCorp is one such name dedicated to state-of-the-art buildings for modern living. The residential properties offered by BramhaCorp are constructed keeping the quality of living in mind. If you are planning to buy a house in Pune, then you can consider properties like THE COLLECTION by BramhaCorp and BRAMHACORP SMART at New Kalyani Nagar. You can also look at our newly-launched BRAMHACORP TOWNHOUSE which offers pre-leased residential homes.