Commercial real estate investment: How to get started?

Commercial properties are witnessing a steady increase in demand and prices as compared to residential projects as projected by various reports since August 2018. The rise has been mainly due to the return on investment is higher as compared to residential properties. 

If you are looking to invest in real estate in Pune for better returns, commercial real estate investment is a better bet. Here is a checklist for you, tick off before making a commercial real estate investment: 

1. What is your purpose for investment?

You should have a well-defined reason for your investment - if you are investing to secure your future home, your business, or a steady return on investment. Once you know which are you leaning you will know which sector you want to invest in.

2. What are your options when it comes to commercial real estate investment?

Commercial real estate is an umbrella under which any property that will be used for business purposes comes under, from retail shops to office spaces to apartment buildings etc. It is important to know why you are investing to get able to have the right pick.

3. Securing Financing

It is important that you are very aware of what your ticket size or budget is before you start looking for commercial real estate properties. Try to secure finance before you take a leap and invest in any property commercial or otherwise.

4. Find the right developer

Any relationship business or otherwise must have a strong foundation of trust and a clear understanding of the responsibilities of the parties involved. An investment in commercial real estate is no different. You need to find the right developer to offer the right projects for you. If you are investing in commercial property for your business this principle takes the highest precedence. If you planning on leasing it out, you need to find the right developer who will be able to give you the expected returns and on time.

5. Find the right place

Once you have found the right people, the decision to choose the right place becomes easy. You must have the considerations of your budget, the geography, the plan you have to deploy the place, or a business plan to get the best possible ROI.

6. Completing the loop with Due Diligence

It goes without saying that any business decision should not be taken unless you have done thorough due diligence of parties involved. Getting help from a financial advisor for this is your best bet. 

7. Closure

Once you have followed all the above steps, it’s time to close the deal. Before you head to closure make sure you have all the contingency clauses in place. Have some legal aid go through the agreement and get a clear understanding of what you are signing up for. Once you agree with all the terms and conditions go ahead and close the deal. 

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