Construction Technologies are Shaping The Future of Real Estate

When it comes to development, technology has always played a major role in transforming almost every sector, including real estate. The cutting-edge construction technologies are drastically changing how the real estate industry operates and how future projects will be completed. Here are 4 modern construction technologies that are changing the face of the real estate sector. 

1. Mivan Formworks

 Mivan shuttering is a fast-paced construction technique that ensures the strength and durability of a building by using aluminium formworks. This technology is mostly preferred for constructing a large number of residences in a limited period without any hassle. This technology also makes use of room-size structures to construct slabs and walls. They are extremely sturdy and strong forms and are constructed with utmost accuracy and are easy to manage. 


  • Effortless: The formwork systems or the assemblies used are basic with only horizontal, vertical, or circular molds and few additional accessories.
  • Quick: Since the molds are ready and need no construction every time, the construction work can be accomplished at a faster rate. As compared to timber formwork the wear and tear of the formwork are negligible.
  • Resilient: Since the formwork is a one-time set-up, it can be transported to any worksite with ease. It just has to be fixed to the construction place and start with the concrete work immediately.
  • Cost-Efficient: It requires a one-time investment on the primary resource i.e., aluminium alloy, it does not add much weightage on the costing of other features.

2. Post Tensioning 

 Post-tensioning is a technique for reinforcing concrete. It is a great tool for builders as it allows almost any shape of the structure to be constructed while being cost-effective and sustainable for the environment. 

Applications of Post-tensioning technology

Post-tensioning is used extensively while constructing bridges, floor slabs, silos, and other forms of concrete construction. It can help create innovative concrete components that are thinner, longer, and stronger than ever before. Parking garages, high-rise residential towers, and many other kinds of structures also employ post-tensioning techniques. 

3. Ready Mix Concrete 

 Ready-mix concrete is a tailor-made concrete that is specifically manufactured based on standard required specifications and is delivered to the site mixed and ready to be cast which saves time and money.  

Key Benefits

- Since a ready-mix concrete mix plant makes the most of sophisticated equipment and consistent processes, quality concrete is obtained. Testing of materials, process parameters, and continuous inspection of key practices during manufacturing help in maintaining strict control.

- Cement is saved as bulk concrete is used instead of bags of cement and fewer consumption results in less production of cement causing minimum environmental pollution.

- More durable structure is obtained, hence increasing the service life and saving the life cycle costs. 

4. Tower Crane 

Tower cranes are the cranes that are used to build high-rise buildings or skyscrapers. They are mainly used on construction projects for lifting and moving heavy materials from one place to another while having a relatively small footprint on site.

It is called a tower crane because of the large tower-like structure the crane pivots around. The tower mast supports the jib and counter jib which in turn supports the cabling, trolley, and hook which does the lifting. Construction companies use tower cranes to lift heavy materials such as steel and concrete. 

These construction technologies are playing a key role in shaping the dynamics of the real estate industry.

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