How To Decorate A Rented Home

Most of us at the beginning of our career may not have the opportunity or means to buy a home for ourselves and thus spend a major portion of the period in rented homes and apartments. When you have rented a house suitable for you, the decoration of the same according to your convenience is very difficult as this requires very tricky steps. This is because many landlords do not permit permanent changes to be made to their buildings or houses.

There are many difficulties that a tenant may face while thinking about home décor at their rented homes especially when it comes to flats in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and other metro cities, and one must be cautious about the same.

Restrictions: The most worrisome thought that comes with a rented house is that you cannot repair or renovate the house as per your choice or preference. Once there is a requirement to repair it, you need first to inform your owner and with his due permission. Sometimes it takes a lot of struggle, to get the scope to resolve your problems in the house.

You cannot choose your pick: When you are living in a rented house, you need to be always cautious about your landlord’s likes and dislikes. In this effort, your choice and preferences are likely to be neglected in most of the instances, and you would have to live with what your owner prefers.

On the other hand, there are also landlords who happily allow tenants to make small changes or repaint their homes with a promise from the tenants to return the home as it was before. There are also ways for interior décor by which you can relive a rented space as per your preferences without disturbing your owner at all. Here are some tips to make your rented house reflect your personality and choices with just a few additions and alterations.

• The most attractive elements in beautiful homes are the walls. Most of the rented homes come with white painted walls, and the landlords do not like any alterations in them. So, without disturbing the owner, you can make it your pick by adding a few patterns and designs of your own to the home décor.

• A smart way to highlight the most important parts of your home is to light up the area with a hanging lamp. This also helps lend a personal touch.

• You may not be happy with the outside space of your rented house. Spruce it up with a plain Jane patio that is sure to give you the feel of extra room. Decor it with your choice of art pieces.

• If you are not happy with the wall colour, you may also use some temporary wallpaper that can be easily pasted and taken off whenever you feel like.

• In case there are curtains already present, but not pleasing to the eye, you can add new ones according to your style preference. If there are no provisions for curtain rods, you can always create DIY curtain rods with the help of super- strong hooks available at any hardware store.

Until the time you move in to your own home, these ideas of budget décor are sure to prove highly beneficial in giving you the feel of your own space though rented.