Hygiene / Safety Tips For Home and Office Spaces

Hygiene. noun conditions or practices conducive to maintaining health and preventing disease, especially through cleanliness.

 A word highly stressed upon in the new circumstances, the one we are all striving to get better at every day. Agree?

Here are a few pro-tips on what you can do at home and office, to add hygiene and safety to your environment today: 

1) Mask seems like something we have adopted today. But actually the whole concept of the mask is a part of regular hygiene is from the times when Japan saw large flue spread in the country. The Japanese have been frequent users of mask for a very long time before the current pandemic.

Well, this is something to definitely adopt for good!

More importantly, wash the mask regularly, else the whole purpose of it will be lost.

At Home: This is your safe space, you can avoid wearing masks at home- take in the fresh breath of air. But ensure that if you have a visitor or help visiting, you wear the mask at those times.

At Office: Make it a mandate to wear a mask while at work and maintain basic physical distancing from your colleague. Move to virtual conference meetings instead of meeting in person. 

2) Hand Sanitizer usage: This is a must presently to ensure that even though you may have come in touch with the virus, you get cleaned up.

At Home: Here you can sanitize by washing hands properly for minimum of 20 seconds using soap. Sanitize your home regularly using special disinfectants from time to time.

At Office: Carry a pocket sanitizer for yourself and also get a sanitizer machine installed at the entrance of your office.

Regular cleaning of door knobs, common area sittings, etc will help us stop the spread of virus.  

3) Share Love, not mugs or bottles:

We often tend to very naturally share tiffin, bottle of water, teacup or mug, etc with someone close by. It’s a natural instinct. It’s very crucial we change this habit for good NOW. While the current situation s a temporary phase, this is something good to avoid flus and other problems too.

At Home: Do not share cups with anyone at home also. If you have been working outside and your little ones or elder ones are at home, this will put them at a greater risk. Wash your dishes yourself to help others at home and stay away from infection.

At Office: Strictly adhere to using paper cups and tissue papersat office.

4) Use of Air Purifiers in offices and home is advised by the doctor particularly if the spaces are fully air conditioned. The lack of sufficient fresh air causes micro organisms to breed and also leads to reduction of oxygen levels causing respiratory problems and discomforts like headache and nausea.

At Home: You can install a small one, and ensure using it at night during sleep. It really helps the environment and air to be clean and helps in avoiding a lot of diseases

At Office: If this can be installed in an office, it’s a great add. It protects a lot of possible transmissions as the microbes in the air are killed by it.

At BramhaCorp, we are proud to say that these are some of the definite things that we are following in our everyday routines in our office.

We additionally encourage all our esteemed customers to follow these healthy and good practices. And take additional care of senior citizens

What’s more about our projects is: Our spaces  F Residences, SunCity, THE COLLECTION in New Kalyani Nagar, are designed spaciously. This enables maintanance of good hygiene and cleanliness standards at all times. Something, we have learnt the importance of more than ever lately.

 Prevention is better than cure- Don’t we all agree? 

#StaySafe #StayHealthy