Is Pandemic affecting your home buying decision?

Buying a home has always been a very important and an emotional decision. One has to have a home where they can live, nurture, grow. A home is a place where life comes to order in more than one ways. Being such an important decision, people do contemplate a lot and see their options to the fullest as they buy a home.  

While the initial days of Pandemic saw a completely locked market where people went into a “saving zone”, being extremely judicious about the way they spent, the pattern has certainly changed in last 3 months drastically. 

People are investing in homes, more than ever. They have realized how home is a place of safety, a place that you own and belong to, at any and every time of life- good and bad. People have chosen Real Estate as their top option to invest into, with the perspective of putting their savings into a safe place and building a future for them and their loved ones. It has also become the top investment option- even if one doesn’t want to live themself.  

Having said that, the perspective with which home buyers buy now has certainly changed.

Following are the top few things, that home-buyers now look at in the post-pandemic era: 

1. Home-buyers are now looking for a home that is located centrally, not in the suburbs that are yet to grow.  The idea behind this is that the people who want to live themselves want to be living in the prime areas with good accessibility to all places of daily requirement. Also living in a prime and high movement locality makes them feel safer and happier- is a new and very important aspect that has come into picture in this post-pandemic era. On the other hand, as an investment such a location I suitable to rent out sooner too. 

2. Home Buyers are getting increasingly obsessed with Integrated Townships.

Societies have enjoyed a very high level of unity and facility in these times. Townships have done collaborations of buying dailies together, small businesses inside societies have thrived and helped each other more than ever. People in townships have taken care of each other, helped each other like never before, WhatsApp networks and groups making it more efficient than ever. There has been a formation of mini-family culture and this new family seems to have an extremely united front. This has made the home-buyer very confident of buying in an integrated township setup. 

3. Hygiene and Safety has become utmost important. People are certainly looking localities a lot from the perfective of hygiene standards, which is an amazing thing as this is a new high for our country towards a Swachh Bharat and ensures everyone’s seriousness and accountability for the same. Buyers want to buy a home where there is proper spacious environment and amenities, which will them to add on to the health aspect further. 

With the above new criteria’s becoming a priority, BramhaCorp has properties that fit the bill just right. 

F Residences, New Kalyani Nagar:

An already full and always chirping locality, this is a perfect fit for someone looking for a home where you can start #WorkFromHome or Do everything from home, right away. The 3-3.5 BHK options are beautifully made for modern living and located centrally in the city – New Kalyani Nagar. With only few options left, this is a must-grab opportunity right now.  

To know more about our Pride Project visit F Residences

THE COLLECTION, New Kalyani Nagar:

An ongoing project, THE COLLECTION is a premium residential property beside 2 successfully made and sold projects of BramhaCorp- Suncity and F Residences.

With this property, the benefit that the home buyers get is an already thriving locality which has come into place due to the success of our last few projects. So whether it’s the dailies or accessibility to areas around- this is the perfect location for all. 

Find out more about THE COLLECTION