It’s time to #MoveUp in life with August Towers

Your home is not just a reflection of who you are, but also embodies your dreams and aspirations. The kind of house and its location can play a huge role in evolving your lifestyle to prepare you for moving up in life. Where you choose to live has a marked impact on the quality of life for your loved ones. It can impact the social and professional opportunities available to your family and engage in new experiences. Right from choosing the perfect city to the locality, apartment, and amenities can set the foundation for a healthy, happy, and prosperous life.

Hence, before making a real estate investment, it is important to consider the life that the property can offer. Pune has long been one of the best cities for investing in real estate in India for a range of reasons including a booming IT industry, a major educational hub, improving infrastructure, and affordable property prices. Many developers offer some amazing houses and apartments in Pune. However, make sure that you don’t overlook your aspirations while investing in a residential property.

August Towers - #MoveUp in life and take your investments with you

If you are looking for a real estate project in Pune to invest in, then you need to keep a few things in mind.

1. Location: Look for properties in areas that have good connectivity to major points in the city and amenities to ensure a comfortable life

2. Budget: Make sure that you determine your budget after shopping around. This will help you get the maximum value for your money

3. The reputation of the developer: Timely delivery and high-quality construction are hallmarks of such developers

4. Condition of the property: Check for structural or quality issues in the construction

5. Potential for rental income: Research the average rents in the area to assess the rent you can expect

6. Legally clear: Ensure that all the legal documents are in order before buying

BramhaCorp has been a reliable name in commercial and residential projects in Pune for many years. We have launched various commercial and residential properties in some of the prime areas of the city and helped people own their dream homes in their dream city!

We understand the needs of different types of homeowners and create projects that are tailored to their needs. Our new project in Pune, August Towers, has been created for aspirations and aspirational people. Living in August Towers is not just an experience, it is a statement that says “I #MoveUp to the life that I deserve!”

Here are some aspects that make August Towers an essential name for ‘living in style’ in Pune:


August Towers stands proud in the charming locality of New Kalyani Nagar. It has gained the reputation of being the crowning glory of the city’s eastern necklace and August Towers has been designed to be the diamond that shines the brightest in the crown. It is located between the elite suburbs of Viman Nagar and Koregaon Park and at a distance of merely 4.6 km from the Pune International Airport. It is in close vicinity to a range of world-class hotels, malls, and multiplexes, along with healthcare centers, business hubs, and educational institutes. Hence, a home in August Towers can help you fulfill your aspirations.


We value your time, comfort, and peace of mind. These are not just words, the amenities offered at August Towers stand testament to our statement.

When you walk into August Towers, you are greeted by a grand entrance lobby. This is the beginning of a life filled with luxury, joy, and comfort. The tranquil pool will invite you every day to soak in the serenity and throw your stress away. You can also ‘do nothing’ while lazing at the pool deck. We party with you and have a well-equipped community hall for any celebration. Kids (and even adults) can have a fun-filled Sunday by indulging in some indoor games and activities. The list of amenities is endless, the experience unforgettable, and the joy boundless!

Before we go…

With over four decades of pioneering the real estate market in Pune, we understand what the city needs and what the native Punekars and the new-to-city-Puneiites want from a home in the city. August Towers at New Kalyani Nagar has been designed to meet the aspirational Pune dweller – someone who has the courage to dream big and achieve great heights of success. Visit our property and experience the magic of dreams. We can assure you that you will fall in love with the energy and aura of your new home in August Towers!