Mental health and how your home and office space can have a positive effect

Around the world, people have been grappling with mental health issues for centuries. However, the majority of them chose to remain quiet due to the stigma surrounding this illness. Off late, thanks to celebrities both in India and abroad, mental health has been brought into the focus and discussed in a positive light. The lockdown following the spread of the pandemic seemed to be the last straw on the camel’s back as it brought with it job/salary cuts, loneliness, lack of social interaction, and domestic and work pressures, to name a few. In the last few years, we have observed a growing trend of mental health issuesamong youngsters, adults (both working and non-working), senior citizens, and even children. With more and more people sharing their stories of battling anxiety and depression among other mental health ailments, it is evident that there needs to be a lot more awareness in this field. Considering that most of our time is spent either at our home, the office or in an educational institution, it is necessary to mobilize families, colleagues, and teachers to identify and help those suffering from this issue. One way to do this would be to provide them with a safe space where they can talk without feeling judged or misunderstood.

You are the custodian of your mind, body, and soul. Hence, while it is a good thing to help those in need, it is also important to take care of your own mental well-being. Let us look at some of the things we can do while at home and office to boost positive mental health.

At Home

Invest in Human Capital

In this fast-paced technological world, everything, including relationships has been relegated to the click of a button. We prefer text to call, share pictures over social media rather than visiting each other, and share our emotions through emojis. While technology has helped us stay in touch, we need to ensure that it doesn’t replace the warmth of a human connection. The noted poet, John Donne said, “no man is an island entire of itself”. One of the ways to boost positive mental health is by physically reaching out to your near and dear ones. Pick up the phone and speak, visit friends and family, and spend time with your parents and children. These small gestures go a long way in not only maintaining relationships but also ensuring that we feel healthy mentally and emotionally.

Maintain a gratitude journal

We often focus on things that aren’t going well for us. We complain about the weather, jobs, families, inflation, andthe state of the world to name a few. But how often do we pause and think about things, events, or people that bring us joy? Maintaining a Gratitude journal helps us to focus on the positive aspects of our lives. It allows us to be thankful for the good things coming our way. Cultivate a habit of spending 10 to 15 minutes each day to note down all the positive events of that day. It could be waking up to a beautiful day, having a loving family, home, or job, being blessed with good health, appreciation from colleagues or boss or even helping someone. Making a note of these things will help you become more empathetic and mindful towards yourself and others.

Create a healthy living space

A healthy body houses a positive mind and a positive mind, in turn, nurtures a healthy body. This is a cycle that we all understand and aim to have but tend to neglect in our daily grind. Create a living environment that is conducive to maintaining positive mental health. Decorate your home with tasteful furniture and upholstery, artifacts, and plants. Use mood-enhancing fragrances and colors. If possible, carve out a small nook for yourself that can be your refuge when you want some much deserved ‘me’ time. Eat your meals on time; get adequate sleep, and exercise or practice meditation. Most complexes today have state-of-the-art amenities like a swimming pool, clubhouse, gymnasium, tennis or basketball courts, and manicured lawns with demarcated areas for children and senior citizens. Make use of these facilities for a healthy body and mind.Also, share your thoughts and feelings with your close ones rather than battling them alone. Talking is a form of unburdening and helps relieve stress.

At Work

Due to the pandemic, many organizations have changed their model from on-site to hybrid to remote working. This means that you will have to straddle between online and offline modes of working. While it might be a respite to not have to travel to work daily, it does have its own challenges like erratic work, meal and sleep hours, lack of inter-personal relationships with bosses and colleagues, and less exercise to name a few. All of these lead to mental burnout, constant fatigue, and a lack of work-life balance. In such a scenario, it is necessary to maintain positive mental health.

Take short breaks

We spend a large part of our day in front of a screen be it a computer, laptop, mobile, or tablet. It is a well-known fact that our eyes and mind tend to get tired due to constant exposure to the screen. Taking short breaks of five to ten minutes keeps us from feeling fatigued. Move around, get a beverage or a snack, and do some stretches or breathing exercises. All these activities can help you to regroup your thoughts and re-energize yourself for the rest of the day.

Set short-term goals

There is always something new to be learned or accomplished. Rather than mulling over what’s lacking, it will help to give yourself short challenges. It could be finishing a task in a shorter span, up skilling yourself, preparing for the next role, or even helping or teaching a colleague. Set short-term goals and reward yourself once you accomplish them. Our mind loves a good challenge, and this keeps us mentally focused on positive achievements.

Avail the wellbeing facilities

Organizations have understood the importance of employee wellbeing and have incorporated many facilities as part of their people policy. Some of these include yoga or dance sessions, membership to gymnasiums, clubs, libraries, fun, and games, family days, fitness challenges, and confidential phone lines to counselors. Make sure that you partake of these activities either at the office or home or by joining the clubs and gyms. Also, if you happen to face any issues with regard to your mental health, do share them with the counselor who can either help you get through it or recommend any further course of action.


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