Monsoon Hacks to keep your Home and Office clean

Monsoon brings the images of lush trees, light drizzles, hot beverages, and paper boats to mind. However, there is much more to monsoon than these romanticized images. The rainy season also brings with it dirt, leakages, soggy carpets, and damp floors. Apart from being an inconvenience, this can also be the breeding ground for diseases and viruses. Hence, it is important to take extra care of your home and office during the monsoon. In this article, we will share some monsoon hacks to help you keep your home and office clean.

Monsoon Hacks to keep your home clean

A clean home during the monsoon is an achievement. Most people keep scrubbing and changing linens in an effort to keep the house looking and smelling fresh (not damp). Here are some handy tips to help you keep your house clean during this season:

The Shoe Rack

When you enter your home after battling puddles and potholes and get your feet dirty, the last thing you would want is to enter your home with dirty shoes on. Hence, make sure that you keep a shoe rack as close to the door as possible. Also, ensure that anyone entering your home removes their shoes outside and places them on the rack before entering.

The Welcome Rug

You might also want to keep a quick-dry rug near the entrance to help people wipe off their feet. In fact, many people keep a tray of water near the entrance to help people clean their feet and wipe them on the rug before entering.

Change into dry clothes

As a practice, ensure that any family member coming from outside during rains immediately changes into dry clothes. Damp clothes can spread moisture around the house along with any filth or germs.

Ventilate your home

When it is raining, most people keep their windows closed to avoid moisture from entering. However, once it stops raining, make sure that you open the windows to ventilate the house. This can help remove the dampness from within the house and keep your house smelling fresh.

Disinfect your home

Being humid and damp, monsoon is the time when many germs breed and spread. Hence, it is important to regularly disinfect surfaces like the floor, the handles and knobs of doors, cupboards, etc. Make sure that you use a strong disinfectant to keep germs at bay.

Bathrooms can get very dirty

While you might rush to the bathroom to wash off mud and dirt accumulated while outside, you also need to ensure that it is kept dirt free and well-ventilated to keep it clean.

Some additional tips

• Before keeping your clothes in the wardrobe, ensure that they are completely dry. You can use a hair dryer if the cloud cover is not allowing the sun to shine

• Spread newspapers at the base of your wardrobe and kitchen cabinets

• Use naphthalene balls to keep insects away

• You can use silica gel packets in cupboards to absorb moisture

• If you have any rugs or carpets, then it might be prudent to wrap and store them before the rains arrive

• Sometimes, you might detect white fungus formation on furniture. Make sure that you use an alcohol-based disinfectant and clean it thoroughly

Also, make sure that you check for any leakage or seepage and get it repaired before heavy rains set it.

Monsoon Hacks to keep your office clean

If you have a shop or an establishment where you welcome customers or you have a non-customer-servicing back office where employees work throughout the day, ensuring that your office is clean is an absolute necessity. During monsoons, this can be a task. Here are some tips.

Floor maintenance

While people remove shoes outside their homes, this is not the case in offices. Hence, the floor is one of the dirtiest aspects of an office during rains. Here are some tips for efficient floor maintenance:

• Use mechanized floor cleaning systems

• Use heavy-duty mats that can help prevent mud and water from shoes from entering your office. Also, ensure that you get them washed and cleaned daily

• Get the entrance areas cleaned multiple times during the day

Carpets can be a pain

At home, we can roll up the carpet and store it during monsoons. However, the same is not possible in the office. While carpets are used extensively to boost the aesthetic sense of the office, they can get soggy during rains and harbor bad smells and even germs. Here are some tips for carpet maintenance in an office:

• Get the carpet vacuumed daily

• Do an extraction cleaning of the carpet based on how dirty it gets

• Make sure that the office is adequately ventilated. During monsoons, air conditioners are usually switched off. Hence, ensure that the office space has enough air and ventilation

Other tips

• Get your office checked for leaks and seepages. Make sure that you get them resolved before the rains begin

• Make sure that the drains are de-clogged and de-silted

• Get the garbage cleared more frequently during monsoon

• Keep the washrooms clean and dry

• Earmark an area for employees to keep their umbrellas and raincoats

• Get anti-slip mats

• Get regular fumigation of your office space


These handy tips can help you ensure the cleanliness of your office and home during the monsoon.BramhaCorp prides itself in being one of the pioneering powerhouses in the realty, hospitality, retail, and leisure domains. At BramhaCorp, we ensure that all our projects encompass the goodness of nature and create an environment that is conducive to all seasons. These include carefully crafted luxury residential properties like The COLLECTION and BRAMHACORP SMART and state-of-the-art commercial properties like BRAMHACORP BUSINESS PARK and BOULEVARD TOWERS, we strive to deliver world-class projects.