Noteworthy Interior Trends For 2017

2016 was largely a year of cast-iron and bold decoration, with pastel hues as well as brighter looks dominating the landscape. Moving on to 2017, trend forecasters and designers see the revival of few conventional trends and a lot more focus on simple designs rather than intricate and heavy décor.
With prolific use of technology and social media consumption, it’s becoming very easy to adapt global trends. We can easily see international styles hitting our stores a lot quicker than in previous years.

So, if you’re renovating or building a new home, look out for the following trends to include this year:

1. Terracotta: Warm materials such as terracotta tiles with natural matte finish will replace currently popular cool and white tones. These will add character and warmth to interiors.

2. Cork: A stylish material that is making its comeback. Apart from adding warmth and texture to spaces, it is also an ideal material for absorbing noise.
Cork can be a great material to be used on the walls of home office which can be used to pin notes too.

3. Greens: While 2016 belonged to pastel shades, 2017 will see a splash of all that is green. Dark shades of green will become the new must-have dark interior color. Shades of greens on the walls will furnish your interiors with a light and fresh touch. Don't be afraid to experiment with greens this year, to add to your signature style.

4. Upholstered bed heads: Upholstered bed heads will replace the timber bed frames currently dominating the market. A bed head could be an easy way to add that instant glamour to your bedroom.

5. Jewel tones: Rustic accents and Jewel tones are likely to add some elegance to your interiors. Pastel shades of pink and blue will soon be overtaken by jewel tones inspired by metals, stars, clouds and cosmos. Transparent fabrics will add lightness and softness embodying optimism all around.

6. Eco Friendly décor: With the world becoming more ecologically-conscious, the trend this year seem to shift more towards being simple and spacious. Recycled products in the form of eco-friendly and stylish furniture, flowerpots, indoor vines and artificial plants will rule this year's home décor, along with increased ventilation and large windows.

7. Bohemian Accents: More of boho and bohemian accents will be seen this year. Random designs and patterns with mismatched colors may be seen on the walls, bed sheets, cushions etc. along with lanterns and ottomans!

So, comfort meets class with eco-consciousness in 2017. People will turn towards conventional and flexible furnishing bringing nature and home décor closer with the use of more recycled products and jewel tones. All in all, it is going to be a year of simplicity yet perfect mismatch!