Pune Pride Awards 2016

BramhaCorp & Residency Club Celebrates 25 Years of Gloriously Successful Journey In The Pune Pride Awards.

A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what he is expected. A recognition of good and commendable work is always worth the gratitude. BramhaCorp has always believed in appreciating such good work by awarding them in the most memorable way.

Residency Club has been a host to a lot of major Pune events and has been spearheading “The Pune Pride Awards”. These awards are facilitated by the Chairman, Directors and the most eminent personalities of Pune. Outstanding personnels of social, industrial, sports and educational fields are awarded for their persistent efforts and contribution for enabling equal prosperity and growth.

Famous personalities like Amitabh Bachchan, Prem Chopra, Smriti Irani and Diana Hayden have graced ‘Pune Pride Awards’ with their presence in the past few years.

These memorable functions are only on invitation to the dignitaries, elites and fellowship members of Residency Club in Pune.

On November 28, 2016 Residency Club celebrated this year’s ‘Pune Pride Awards’ and it being the Silver Jubilee year for Residency Club, it was a glorious and marvelous event. This specially instituted event- “Pune Pride Awards” is a unique initiative of honoring and awarding the dedicated and committed individuals recognized for their pioneering and versatile contribution in various fields making them proud citizens of Pune city. Hon. Shri R. K. Agarwal, Group Chairman of BramhaCorp Ltd. initiated this event and has been successfully witnessing the award ceremonies being delivered to the deserving individuals from diverse sectors of socio-economic backgrounds.

The inaugurating discourse of the ceremony was given by Shri R. K. Agarwal which was followed by an appreciation speech by the Chief Guest Smt. Rashmi Shukla, the Police Commissioner of Pune.

Some more dignitaries including Shri Bahri B. R. Malhotra, Chairman of the Advisory Board, Mrs. Lila Poonawalla, Mrs. Sabina Sanghvi, Mr.Vithal Maniar, Col.Sambhaji Patil, Dr.K.H Sancheti, Dr.Mohan Agashe, Mr.Chandrakant Borde, and Mr.V.M Maske made their presence at the event.

Awardees from all walks of life and the family members of courageous soldiers, who sacrificed their lives, graced the stage with their presence. Those family members were presented with sewing machines and others who were awarded, were Mr. Balasaheb Landge for outstanding achievement in Sports, Ms. Mrunal Kulkarni in Arts & Culture, Mr. N.M. Joshi in Academics, Mr. Ranjit More in Corporate field, Mr. Sanjay Nahar in Social Work and Mr. Darius Forbes for a Life Time achievement award.

Awardees that graced the stage with their presence were;

Sports – Mr. Balasaheb Landge

Arts & Culture - Ms. Mrunal Kulkarni

Academics – Mr. N.M. Joshi

Corporate – Mr. Ranjit More

Social Work – Mr. Sanjay Nahar

Life Time – Mr. Darius Forbes