Ready-to-move-in apartments vs. under-construction apartments

The reality of the real estate market is one that brings many surprises to an investor or a buyer. With its constant fluctuations in prices and variations in the laws, it offers a new perspective that can either encourage you to make a hearty investment or could make you wary of any new offers that you stumble upon.

It’s always smart to do a thorough research beforehand, and then delve with various new changes in the rules and regulations. A research that is aligned to your long-term plan of investing money in the real estate market i.e.whether you’re buying a house to live in or just nabbing a good money-making opportunity. In this way, you’re mentally prepared and know what to look for in the market and are able to leverage the ups and downs of the market reality, to your advantage.

Each type of investment has its pros and cons.  But it’s all subjective, as your personal goals and plans are what that really matter and effectively offset the cons.  There are various types of opportunities in the market that could be a good fit for your plan. But it mostly comes down to just 2 main types of investment categories; Under-construction properties and Ready-to-move-in apartments.

So here are some pros and cons for each category that could help you in creating your own perspective about the market

Ready-to-move-in apartments:


  1. The property is available immediately after your transaction is through… Without any unnecessary delays.
  2. You can move in right away with your family or even list it out as a rental option
  3. Ready-to-move-in properties often have tax/GST benefits or relaxed norms.
  4. As its completely ready, there won’t be any discrepancies between the presentation layout and what you have purchased.


  1. More expensive than under-construction properties.
  2. There is no way to be sure of the construction quality
  3. Hectic paperwork on Title clearance—The passing of ownership of the house from the seller to the buyer which requires a lot of legwork and legal work to ensure correctness of documents.
  4. If the property is a few years old then there is negligible scope for price negotiation as the area around it would have witnessed a lot of development.

Under-Construction Property


  1. Time to take an informed decision based on the builder’s track record in terms of project delivery and quality of construction by visiting different project sites of the builder.
  2. The property prices usually fit well within your budget
  3. You can request for various alternations[non-Structural] during construction stage
  4. Complete control over interiors; to do them as per your wishes.


  1. No assurance of continuous water supply or electricity as things would still not be up and running and there would be no way to confirm on this.

The above pros and cons should enable to you develop a clear context for the research and execution of your investments.

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