Simple Home décor & Maintenance Tips to Follow During the Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us realize the importance of something we strive for the most… our homes! Whether it’s an owned apartmentor a rentedproperty in Pune, we work hard day & night to afford ourselves a nice place. And now the lockdown has made our homes more important the hustle and bustle of our lives. There is no more hectic commute to work… it’s just us and our sweet home.As the pandemic progresses its natural course, it’s only becoming clear that staying at home is indeed going to be a long-term affair. So, it behooves us to make this journey even sweeter by uplifting the living experience, in our own little ways. 

Uplifting our home environment 

Creating a better living experience for the lockdown means creating a sustainable, comfortable, and more hygienic living experience. Some of us are working singles, some of us have kids, while some of us are just creating art and chilling! There are various aspects of the house that would appeal differently to every one of us. So,it’s important to create an environment that is suitable for all family members. From taking care of maintenance to creating comfy zones, there are a few aspects to look forward to. So, the burning question is, how to decorate a home during a lockdown? 

Making the most out of what’s available 

It’s true that most of the shops where we’d get all the fancy home décor items are closed everywhere. But there’s always online ordering! Well, even if online is not an option for you, we have created a categorized list for various home maintenance tips and décor hacks, which can be easily done using different items available in the ‘essential items’ category, at various shops and online stores.

Tips to uplift your living experience during the lockdown

General Upkeep 

1.      Kitchen &Bathroom:

Bathrooms and kitchens are now being used all day by various family members. It’s important to upgrade the hygiene standards and regularize your maintenance, in order to avoid any hefty repair costs or increase the risk of spreading an infection. 

Hygiene precautions:

·        Cleaning touchpoints: Clean touchpoints like faucets, light switches, and doorknobs, as frequently as possible.

·        Changing towels:Towels are getting used more than ever. Replace bath towels every few days, and change hand and dish towels every other day. Make sure to hang towels up between uses so they dry off.

·        Liquid soap: Use liquid soap instead of bar soaps, as it eliminates the chances of spreading germs. 


·        Check for leaks: Keep an eye out for leaks under the sink, shower, or tubs.

·        Faulty Faucets: Check for any faulty faucets which do not close off properly.  

2.      Appliances

Appliances repairs can be difficult to arrange during lockdowns. It’s best to have protective measures in place so that you can avoid the hassle of chasing repair technicians.  

·        Use voltage regulators for heavy appliances like refrigerators and air conditions. 

·        Make sure to switch off appliances between uses.

·        De-lint the washing machine filters regularly in order to keep the washed clothes lint-free.

·        Keep cleaning the water purifier filters (if accessible).

 3.      Floor cleaning

Floor Cleaning needs to be regularized and made more efficient. While cleaningany dirty surface(floor, counter-top or table), first scrub it with soap or detergent and water. Then clean it using a disinfectant product containing alcohol (around 70%) or bleach.

Home Office

 1.      A comfortable virtual world

Before the pandemic, the virtual world (video calling) was just a part of our daily routines in the physical world. But now, we need to integrate the virtual world within the physical world as we rely on it completely. Create a comfortable space with ample lighting and room, so that you get enough space to set up your equipment (Screens, microphones etc.), as well as get some privacy. 

2.      Furniture:

Think just like the way you would in an office… modern and ergonomic. Your home is your office.So,it’s best to invest in some quality furniture in order to make WFH sustainable. Get a height-adjustable desk so that you can keep adjusting as per work. Use a chair with lumbar support to maintain posture throughout the day.  

3.      Keep it clutter-free:

Once you have organised your home office, make it a habit to clean and tidy up the space every day. It is essential to file all the important papers, discard old papers, and keep things back in their designated places.  

Home Décor 

Now let’s get to the fun part you all have been waiting for! Even though you are limited in choices, let imagination be your biggest resource and get your creative juices flowing, using these below tips; 

1.      Decorate your wall with memories:

Every day is a new memory that we create with our loved ones. Why not turn it into simple art pieces that could light up your living spaces? Create simple drawings, paintings,or sketches of various instances or moments occurred during the lockdown, and turn them into immortal memories that also decorate your walls. 

2.      Using scents:

We are in our homes 24x7! And this affects our mood, whether we are working or doing household chores. Scent can be extremely effective for lifting your spirits and triggering happy memories. Whether it's your favorite scented candle or a diffuser filled with mood-boosting essential oils, there are so many ways to make your home smell amazing.  

3.      Setting up your comfy zones:

Whether it's a comfortable hammock or a secluded hanging chair, we all need a sacred place in our homesto zone out! Use old bedsheets and stitch them up together to form the base of your hammock. Then hang the hammock with extra sheets or rope using a rod, or by securely fastening the 4 corners of the sheet into the walls.

4.      More Greenery:

Having plants in your home environment automatically beautifies your living space, and aids in purifying the air. Indoor greenery can boost oxygen levels and remove harmful pollutants such as carbon dioxide and formaldehyde. Research reveals that indoor plants reduce 87% of indoor air pollutants within 24 hours.  

Here are some examples of low maintenance indoor plants that you can use:

a.      Spider Plant

b.      Bamboo Palm

c.      Lemon Balm

d.      Aloe Vera

e.      Weeping Fig

The above list shall serve as a guide in setting up a new home environment, that will help you live a comfortable, safe, and efficient lockdown lifestyle. Let’s invest the spare time at hand for turning our homes into memorable and convenient living experiences for us and our loved ones, who are with us on this journey.

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