The Rising trend of Studio Apartments

Till some time ago, a studio apartment was considered to be a western concept. However, with more and more youngsters preferring to migrate to other cities for further studies or jobs, the concept of a studio apartment is fast catching up in India as well.

What are Studio Apartments?

A studio apartment is basically a compact apartment comprising of one room, kitchen and washroom. The open space functions as a hall-cum-dining area cum bedroom. In some studio apartments, the kitchen is replaced by a functional kitchenette.  For a student or working professional, a studio apartment becomes an ideal space to live in as it meets the basic requirement of a home. Be it someone with a transferable job or aspiring to buy a larger flat someday, a studio apartment provides the perfect first home. This trend is also prevalent amongst newly married couples looking to start their married life without having to worry about exorbitant rents or EMIs.

With its compact size and affordable prices, a studio apartment offers an abode without having to compromise one’s lifestyle. Also, many builders have built studio apartments closer to commercial hubs or educational institutions, thus reducing the commute time and making this a more desirable option. The high demand for studio apartments is visible in cities like Pune, Mumbai, National Capital Region, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chennai. Studio apartments being a rising trend is evident in the fact that well-known builders like BramhaCorp are offering smart studio homes that are both luxurious and automated – just the kinds preferred by Gen Z.

What makes a studio apartment preferable?

1.   Redefining lifestyle – the size of the studio apartment along with state-of-the-art automation makes it not only easy on the budget but also more manageable in a time-starved environment.

2.   Freedom to personalize – a studio apartment is devoid of too many walls and doors thus offering the residents an opportunity to do up the open space as per their choice. From seating arrangements, space optimizing furniture to curios and artifacts, a studio apartment enables you to personalize ‘your’ space.

3.   Easy maintenance – the compact size of the studio apartment makes it easily manageable so whether you are a student or a working professional, you can perform all your household chores without exhausting yourself.

4.   Good connectivity – studio apartments are usually situated near educational institutions, commercial hubs, or entertainment zones thus making them a viable proposition to rent or buy. A good location ensures that you can save the commute time and cost and focus on attaining a good work-life balance.

5.   Affordability – unlike multi-room apartments that are high on cost or rent, a studio apartment wins hands down primarily due to its affordability. Whether you are a student, young working professional, or a newly married couple, a studio apartment makes for the best first choice as a dwelling.

6.   Entertaining friends – remember the series ‘Friends’ and how we would wish for a small pad where we could entertain our friends anytime. Well, a studio apartment is just the right space for intimate gatherings with friends, colleagues, or classmates. Be it an impromptu pizza party or after-work dinner or a lazy Sunday brunch, a studio apartment enables you to create an ambiance where laughter reverberates off the walls of your home.

7.   Return on investment – with a rising number of people looking to rent, a studio apartment becomes commercially viable due to better recurring rentals as compared to a traditional residential setup. Also, their compact size ensures that the tenants will keep it well maintained thus saving you additional repairing or renovation expenses.

Studio Apartments in Pune – A rising trend

Pune, which is still one of the major educational hubs in India, has also developed into one of the upcoming commercial cities of Maharashtra after Mumbai. From large IT parks to manufacturing zones, from Fortune 500 MNCs to legacy domestic companies, everybody has a presence in Pune. This has led to a large influx of students and professionals from different parts of the country thus making it a melting pot of culture. In an upcoming metropolis, it becomes all the more important to have a space that one can call their ‘own’ and one which is an extension of their ‘self’. A multi-room apartment can seem intimidating to a newcomer and that’s when studio apartments become a haven for those looking to reside in Pune.

Considering that Pune also ranks high when it comes to the safety of women, studio apartments in this city are preferred by a lot of single women thanks to their manageable spaces that can be both minimalistic yet contemporary from an aesthetic point of view. Also, with more studio apartments being built as gated communities and with ‘smart’ amenities, such homes are generally considered to be safer as compared to multi-room apartments.

New Kalyani Nagar, Magarpatta, Hinjewadi and Koregaon Park are some of the locations where one can rent or buy a studio apartment with ease. BramhaCorp SMART, New Kalyani Nagar is an ideal dwelling for the new-age tech-savvy individuals and couples. These residences offer modern amenities including Dual-Channel Switch, IR Blaster, Bluetooth Speaker, IP Camera, Door Latch Control, Wireless Mobile Charger, Video Door Bell, Hob & Chimney and Motion Sensor thus making them an ideal choice of residence. These homes are situated in pristine surroundings that offer a perfect getaway after a long and tiring day. The configurations have been made keeping in mind the right space at the right price to suit the exact requirements.

Summing Up

Pune is at the cusp of tradition and modernism with its diverse population. As the city transitions from being an erstwhile pensioners’ paradise to a bustling smart city, it is only right that homes should get smarter as well. As they say, “good things come in small packages”. And when it comes to making a house a home, no space is small enough. Studio apartments have stood the test of time and have constantly been redefined thus making them relevant to every generation including the current one.