Tips to conduct successful business meetings

A business meeting is something you always wishto thoroughly prepare for. A preparation so extensive that could overwhelm most of the experienced professionals, and leave them unsure about everything.

You want your efforts to pay off, and yearn for a confidence to assert your message across anyone, without even the slightest of doubt. It all looks pretty complex as you never know what kind obstacles you might face during the meeting. And it’s true… In theory, you can be on top of everything about the meeting but when it comes to real-life execution; it’s a whole different ballgame.  You need to start anticipating real-life scenarios, and think ways to avoid any unwanted hindrances to the flow of your presentations.

Depending on the scale and type of meeting, there are n number of things you can mentally prepare yourself on, before it’s show time.

So here are 6 basic tips you can follow for all your meetings in order to ensure a smooth progression 

1.    Always have a clear agenda: 

No matter how specific and qualitative your data is, your listeners would prefer to hear the actual agenda in very concise and clear manner, so that it makes it worth their time. 

2.    Prepare and share MOMs on the same day: 

You’ve already done your best by sharing your insights in the most effective way. But you could be just a recap away from totally wooing your listeners. So it would behoove you to send your MOMs in the most effective formats and as quickly as possible. 

3.    Be all ears: 

Give an enthusiastic listen to all your listeners. This can make it really easy for you to gauge their inclination towards something addressed by you and help you take things forward in a precise manner. 

4.    Keep the phone(s) on silent: 

All your calls are important. But it’s you who needs every bit of the listener’s attention. So it’s best to just keep all their focus towards you without giving them any chance to get distracted away from what you’re saying. 

5.    Sum up everything

 You’ve said it all with all your heart. Now it’s time to really ingrain these things in the heads of the listeners. Summaries at the end of meetings are really helpful in making listeners retain crucial talking points. 

6.    The Golden tip- Respond to all queries, as soon as you can: 

It feels very tempting to put off any queries till you are done presenting a substantial amount of info to your listeners. But it’s best to clear off any queries as soon as possible, or maybe even then and there, so that you can avoid any presumptions of misconceptions forming in their minds  

Go through the above points, implement them in your next meeting and you shall come out confident and victorious. 

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