Top 10 Ideas For Office Decor That Will Make Your Office More Business As Well As Employee-friendly

While most of us spend a lot of time and effort thinking about the décor of our homes, when it comes to our office, we tend to be more functional in our approach. While it is no secret that an office that is designed intelligently can boost the productivity and performance of its employees, many business owners don’t give it a lot of thought. The décor of an office is one of the major contributors to a good work environment. In this article, we will share ten tips for office décor that can make your office more business and employee-friendly.

Tip #1: Hang thought-provoking artwork

Nothing can make a boring office space more interesting than a thought-provoking work of art. You can opt for a black and white artwork or a multi-colored and vibrant one based on the color theme of your office. These can also be used to boost an emotion based on where you plan to hang them.

Tip #2: Use unique furniture

A uniquely cut table or an interestingly designed chair can add an element of intrigue, thrill, and joy to the office. Imagine the first time a round table would have been installed in an office that had only seen square ones. The buzz around the office would have been fun to experience.

Tip #3: Try placing a few mirrors around

Mirrors are one of the most interesting tools in interior design as they have the capacity to make a small space look bigger without incurring a huge cost or altering the color scheme. However, mirrors need to be placed smartly to accentuate the space without being too distracting.

Tip #4: Use rugs intelligently

If you have an open office area with multiple departments or teams working in tandem, then using rugs to separate the areas can be a good idea. While you can also use different wall colors or color schemes for each area, rugs can look very defining.

Tip #5: Use natural light optimally

Light can play an essential role in the way your office looks and feels. Even if you use the best furniture or color scheme, without the right lighting, it can fail to make an impact. Leverage natural light wherever available and keep the blinds open during office hours to allow maximum daylight to brighten up your office space.

Tip #6: Add a bookshelf

Every office should at least have a small corner dedicated to books. These can either be books related to the business or skills related to your line of work. You can add a small bookshelf to ensure organized management and a positive work environment.

Tip #7: Add a coffee/tea station

Most employees assess the employee-centricity of an organization by looking at the kind of place dedicated to tea/coffee for them. While it might not seem productive, but a warm and welcoming tea/coffee station can help your employees de-stress in the middle of a challenging day and boost their productivity.

Tip #8: Use potted plants

What can be a better way to boost the energy of your office than using nature? Potted plants can be a great addition to any office space as they can help create separate spaces and keep the air in the office clean.

Tip #9: Opt for contemporary floor lamps

Get rid of the traditional overhead fluorescent lights and replace them with contemporary floor lamps. However, it is important to remember to match them with the décor of your office. This can boost the cosmetic appearance of your office and create a more cohesive space/

Tip #10: Add an artistic clock

Clocks are not just timepieces. They have evolved into being works of art and a way to pull teams together. Choose a large clock based on the theme and design of your office. While most employees might continue looking at their watches or mobile phones for the time, such a clock can be a great addition for any team-building activity.

While there are various ways to boost the business and employee-friendliness of your office, it all begins with choosing the best space for setting it up. In a city like Pune, there are hundreds of options for business owners with each offering state-of-the-art facilities. However, before you finalize, it is important to think about the nature of your business, the culture of your office, location, space requirement, etc. Once you have these aspects in place, the abovementioned tips can help you create an efficient office space that boosts business and employee productivity.

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