Top 5 ways to save money while moving into a new house

You have decided to move into a new house. You have found a house you like and are ready to make an offer. While we can understand the excitement of being able to live in your ‘dream’ house, it is important to take a step back and think about how you can save money and reduce the financial burden of the move. The process of buying a new house and shifting there can be both exciting and overwhelming. Today, we will offer five smart tips to help you save money while moving into a new house.

01: Negotiate the price of the house

Whether you are buying the property from a builder or a real estate agent, there are ways of getting a good deal by using the power of negotiation and keeping an eye open for offers and discounts. Remember, in the real estate market, buyers are the most valuable entities. Therefore, don’t be in a hurry to purchase without negotiating. Talk to the builder and ask for a discount. If you are dealing with a broker, then ask him to get you a good deal and/or a discount on brokerage. You will be surprised to see that most developers and brokers will willingly offer discounts to ensure the sale.

02: Look for the best offers on home loans

Unless you are selling a property to buy a new one, you will need a huge corpus for the purchase or avail of a home loan. If you are looking for a home loan, then ensure that you have a good credit score before approaching banks or financial institutions for the same. Also, shop around and look for lower interest rates and processing fees before finalizing the lender.

03: Create a cost-efficient shifting plan

Movers and packers are available at different price ranges. You don’t have to break the bank to pay them though. Look at the things that you want to move and choose one that offers a cost-efficient quote. You can take some fragile and small things with you in your car to protect them from potential damage while saving on shifting costs.

04: Declutter before the move

Depending on the size and kind of house you have purchased, you might not need certain things from your old home. Hence, make sure that you carefully look at all your furniture and belongings and carry the ones that would be needed in your new home. You can sell most of the things that you don’t need online and monetize whatever you can. If there are things that you cannot sell, then you can donate them or dispose of them.

05: Choose the interior designer carefully

Many people have started availing of the services of interior designers to create living spaces that are in sync with their personalities and cater to their specific needs. While you might not be savvy with interior designing techniques and tricks, it is important to remember that houses can be designed in a cost-efficient manner too. Get quotes from a few designers to get the best deal.

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