Top 8 reasons that make Pune the most liveable city in India

In a survey conducted by the Ministry on Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) in 2018, as per the Ease of Living Index Pune was labelled the most livable city amongst 111 contenders.

The survey shows the undiscovered growth potential Pune city has. It is one of the safest cities to live and the weather in Pune also makes it inviting. Pune’s boom in the IT sector and small scale industries and businesses have been the catalysts to boost its development.

Pune has evolved into a cosmopolitan with the influx of aspiring youth migrating every year to make their mark in the sands of the time.

What makes Pune the most liveable city:

  1. Pune has been tagged as “Oxford of East”. This has resulted in students migrating every year to study. This has made the crowd mix in Pune young and vibrant.
  2. Pune’s IT sector has also been developing at a steady pace resulting in hubs like Magapatta, Eon IT Park, and Hinjewadi to come into existence.
  3. Pune’s weather has also been a key factor to make it wonderful to live in.
  4. Pune is also one of the safest cities for women which has to lead to many young aspiring women to migrate to the city in search of better opportunities.
  5. With people migrating in from different states and countries, Pune provides a perfect Cosmopolitan census which has lead to many brands new and old to use the city as a launchpad for their products and services.
  6. The creative industry now also seems to make a shift towards Pune. This has resulted in many production houses and advertising agencies to mushroom.
  7. Pune also has seen a rise in the number of entrepreneurs and MSMEs coming up as it develops into a city that has an environment of growth.
  8. The nightlife and food industry in Pune has evolved into a space of innovation which has raised the lifestyle quotient of its citizens.

This development coupled with a great score for livability has caused a great boom in the Pune Real Estate panorama. Real Estate Investment in Pune has become more lucrative with each passing year attracting investors from different cities, states, and even countries.

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