What kind of features should you look for in a luxury home?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of luxury homes? A beautiful home comprising of all the modern facilities one can think of, built on an exquisite piece of land! The definition is pretty straightforward… a house that’s built as per your specific desires and requirements! This would stand true if we didn’t live in a time with growing populations and rapid urbanization, which has turned this simple idea into a very complicated notion for most people today. 

Looking for the right apartment 

We know what buying a house means in today’s time… an apartment! A property that has been designed and developed by someone least interested in any individual’s specific requirements. Apartments are designed to cater to the latest trends in lifestyle choices and appeal to the masses for all intents and purposes. They’re of course, great properties as they are indeed, built to match the latest housing standards and offer a quality life to buyers. But for those looking for the perfect apartment, a true luxury home, looking through apartments after apartments in different areas, localities and under fixed budgets can be a daunting task. Most people find themselves clueless when they start their house-hunting process, as they’re overwhelmed by the diversity of the features offered by various developers. It’s difficult for them to gauge what’s right for them, or what’s right for the price they’re willing to pay.  

Creating your own idea of luxury 

As discussed above, our simple idea of a luxury home has been dramatically transformed into an ever-evolving definition in today’s time. Coming to terms with this means staying well-informed on the latest housing standards, amenities and benchmarks in the industry. This is the only way you will know what’s right for the price you pay and eventually, what’s right for you. In order to this correctly, you need to planyour house-search in a linear way that starts with addressing all your top concerns, priorities and long-term planning goals.  

Start with the locality or neighborhood

 A common misconception people generally have, is that luxury houses are the ones that are priced way beyond your budget range! That’s not true at all. Prices are mainly defined by the localities. The features, amenities and added services are secondary.Two different localities can offer a similar luxury home for two completely different price ranges! So, the important thing here is to finalize a budget range you’re comfortable with and be mentally prepared to spend on the higher side, as there is luxury available for very budget range! Once you decide on a range, you can then start shortlisting a few localities or areas that fit in well with your budget.   

Shortlisting areas; 

This is where you need to start thinking are per your initial planning. Is this house for your family, are you planning to raise children or is this a starter home?  We have compiled a list of few important aspects that you can consider before shortlisting your areas; 

A few aspects that need to be considered; 

1.      Social life: Meeting with friends and relatives is more convenient when your locality has adequate connectivity to other parts of the city.

2.      Office commute: Its best to look for a locality with minimum commute, so that you’re not completely exhausted after work and its easier for you to quickly reach home or get around the city, during emergencies.

3.      Outings & activities: Living in a locality well connected to malls and other leisure destinations, allows for last-minute family outings and makes them much more convenient.

4.      Children’s needs: Whether its school or vocational/coaching classes, its best to have their needs taken care of in areas close to your locality, or better yet, within your locality. 

Finalized on some neighborhoods? Time to locate the right apartments! 

Now that you’ve finally come to terms with the type of neighborhoods available for your price range, you can now start looking at different housing societies and apartment buildings in those areas. Since you already know what kind of price you’re willing to pay, it’s time for you to understand what kind of features you should be expecting for your luxury price tag. Every property will have its own unique offerings. Comparing multiple properties at once for various parameters can be very confusing, as to understanding which property would be ideal for your requirements 

Setting a bar for luxury 

In order to select the most ideal apartment for your budget range, the best thing to do is set a bar or a standard for yourself that you’re not willing to compromise on. This way, you can use that standard as a reference to evaluate all the properties you come across and deem them worthy of your consideration. That being said, following is a categorized list of features that are typically available in luxury properties. This list will give you a perspective on what to expect, as well as draw a clear contrast between regular features and luxury features.  

1.      Security Features 

Security features in today’s time are available at every housing society in some capacity.  Let’s take a look at some regular and luxury features you’ll find in various neighborhoods.  

Regular features 

a.      Watchmen or guards

b.      Entry mandate for visitors

c.      Compound walls

d.      Designated entry and exit gates 

Luxury features 

a.      CCTV cameras all around the property

b.      Automated entry barriers for vehicles

c.      Keycards for entry

d.      24x7 Intercom facility  

 2.      Apartment features 

Many regular and high-end apartments come with some extra features. These features are supposed to add extra value to your space and make it more convenient to start a living. 

Regular features 

a.      Kitchen counter tops

b.      Attached bathroom in the master bedroom

c.      At least one balcony, preferably in the master bedroom

d.      Basic interior design and fitting work for bathrooms 

Luxury features

 a.      Composite quartz stone kitchen platform

b.      Premium fitting in bathroom

c.      Premium Elevators

d.      A.C points provision in living room & bedrooms.

e.      Anti-skid ceramic tiles in terrace & balcony  

3.      Amenities & facilities  

Amenities is the place where most people are left confused. In today’s time, some amenities cannot be even considered as luxury features, as they’ve become necessities and are required for normal living. Basic ones are meant to fulfill the basic lifestyle needs of today. The premium amenities are really the ones that give you the high-life experience.  

Regular amenities 

a.      24x7 electricity backup in common area

b.      Elevator backup

c.      Dedicated covered parking

d.      Common meeting areas

e.      Water storage/backup 

Luxury Amenities 

a.      Full-fledged gymnasium

b.      Swimming pool

c.      Club house

d.      Multipurpose lawn/court

e.      Multipurpose hall 

Premium amenities have no defined limits as such and can be even more personalized like in-house swimming pools, jacuzzi etc., as it all depends on the builder, deeming it worthy to build them based on the market demand. 

The above list will give a concrete perspective on what to expect for the price range you have decided for yourself.  

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