Why should you invest in commercial properties in Pune?

In recent years, there has been an uptick in the demand for commercial properties in Pune. Pune is a major industrial center that is growing at a rapid pace. Home to the largest two-wheeler manufacturer in the country, Bajaj Auto, Pune is also one of the largest centers for the software industry in the country. This has resulted in the city attracting thousands of skilled professionals with large disposable incomes. Hence, there has been a marked increase in the number of shops being opened to cater to the demand of local and non-local Punekars. In this article, we will look at the reasons that make investing in commercial properties in Pune a good choice.

Five reasons to invest in office spaces in Pune

Here are some essential aspects that make investing in office spaces in Pune a sensible option:

1. Pune has evolved into one of the largest startup hubs in the country with a flourishing IT/ITES sector. Further, various areas in Pune are evolving into major industrial hubs and attracting the interest of many corporate houses and large and small organizations.

2. The administration has been taking various measures to create Pune as a smart city and has planned developments along those lines. These planned developments have also resulted in many offices choosing to open offices in the city to benefit from these developments.

3. Pune is known as the Oxford of the East and is a popular education destination in India. As a result, there is no dearth of talented professionals in the city. Hence, many companies choose to open offices in Pune and the city also works as a breeding ground for startups.

4. Pune is expanding and many areas are still in the development phase. This makes it an ideal time for investors to buy office spaces and lease them at good prices.

5. The weather of Pune is temperate making it easier to attract and retain corporate investment in the city.

Five reasons to invest in shops in Pune

Here are some essential aspects that make investing in shops in Pune a sensible option:

1. With the city attracting a lot of companies and organizations, there has been a surge in the population of the city with thousands of people migrating to Pune for employment. Hence, there has been a surge in the number of housing societies and a corresponding increase in the number of shops being opened to cater to the increasing population.

2. Pune has a large population of youngsters with high disposable incomes. While online shopping is a trend, neighborhood shops are irreplaceable. With a large young population, the city has experienced a surge in new shops opening catering to this segment.

3. The rentals of a shop are usually higher than an apartment. Hence, if you are planning to invest, then buying a shop can be a better investment option.

4. Shops tend to have lower maintenance requirements compared to shops. Therefore, you save time and money when you invest in a shop as opposed to an apartment.

5. In Pune, shops are always in high demand. Hence, when you want to sell your shop, finding a buyer and a good price is easy.

In recent years, commercial real estate in Pune has undergone a massive boom. When you decide to buy a commercial property, make sure that you assess the quality of the construction and the locality among other factors. The rent that you will receive will depend on many factors. BramhaCorp is a leading developer in Pune offering a range of commercial properties to choose from including BRAMHACORP BUSINESS PARK at New Kalyani Nagar, BOULEVARD TOWERS by BramhaCorp at Pune Camp and F Plaza by BramhaCorp at New Kalyani Nagar. You can also consider investing in commercial properties at the new BRAMHACORP TOWNHOUSE.