Why you should buy a home near your office

Until some years ago, commercial and residential areas were separate. In most cities, offices were built in a clustered part of the city while residential complexes were in a completely different zone. People would travel to work using public or private vehicles. However, with the increasing population and number of vehicles on the roads, the time taken to travel to work has increased exponentially. It is not uncommon for people to spend around 1-2 hours just to reach office from home and be worried about running late. The physical and mental stress of commuting to and from work can be daunting. To add to it, by the time people get back home from the office, they are tired – not just because of the day spent at work, but also because of the traffic they need to battle to reach home. This has adverse effects on the time they can spend with their loved ones. As a result of all these factors, many people have started looking for homes that are close to their place of work. Imagine leaving your home and reaching the office in 10 minutes! Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Let’s look at the reasons why you should buy a home near your place of work.

01. Add hours to your day

Let’s say that you need to travel for around one hour every day to reach the office. Assuming that your reporting time is 9 am, you need to leave your house by around 8 in the morning. This means that you need to wake up by around 7 am. Similarly, say if you finish your work by around 7 pm, then by the time you reach home, it would be nearly 8-8.30 pm. Cooking, dinner, and basic household chores take up around 1-1.5 hours, and by that time you need to hit the sack to be able to get up early the next morning.

While many people try to optimize the available time by waking up a little early and exercising or staying up a little late to spend time with their families, there is not much spare time to juggle. In this schedule, you are spending around 2.5-3 hours traveling. When you buy a home close to your office and cut down your travel time to a few minutes, you can get those extra hours that can be utilized the way you want. In our fast-paced lives, these extra hours can be priceless!

02. Connect with yourself and your loved ones

When was the last time you sat down with your spouse, children, parents, or in-laws and spoke about random things? With limited time on hand, most of our conversations with our loved ones are centered on an actionable task. These can be household chores or finances or something that needs to get done. We rarely spend the proverbial quality time with them. Also, our busy lives don’t allow us the liberty of introspecting or indulging in self-reflection. This is important to grow as a person.

Most of us complain about the day having merely 24 hours and wish that we had more time. While you can’t increase the total number of hours in a day, by buying a house close to your office, you can save the time you spend traveling and use it to connect with yourself and your loved ones.

03. Find the coveted work-life balance

The corporate world is highly competitive. Many people feel that if they don’t give enough time to their organization, then they will lag behind in the race to grow and get promoted. Hence, they tend to spend as many hours at work as possible. On the other hand, they also want to spend time with their families. This constant struggle to keep both aspects of their lives working smoothly has given rise to a feeling of imbalance between their personal and professional lives.

We understand that work is important and so is family. You can’t cut time from one to give to the other. However, by buying a house close to your office, you can have a few extra hours in the day that can help you balance your work and personal life much better and get closer to achieving the coveted work-life balance.

04. Various other benefits

We could go on and on about the benefits of staying close to your place of work. For example, if your office is a few meters away from your home, then you might want to walk to work. This can help you get your daily dose of exercise without having to dedicate time to it. Many people also cycle to work if they don’t have to traverse high-traffic roads or highways. A home that is near your office allows you to come back to it for lunch rather than eating food from restaurants or the office pantry. India has severe monsoon in most parts of the country and traveling to work during rains is highly stressful. However, living close to the office can help you reach your workplace in time regardless of the weather conditions.

At BramhaCorp, we strive to create residential and commercial spaces that allow you to make the most out of your life. Over the last decade, we observed that people would be able to live better lives if they had a home close to their office. Hence, when we started developing our properties in Pune, we ensured that they were centrally located so that you can reach any part of the city quickly. Also, our commercial and residential properties are created in close proximity like THE COLLECTION by BramhaCorp for residential living and BRAMHACORP BUSINESS PARK for offices and showrooms. These properties are just a few meters away from each other. If you are a business owner, then looking for an office or showroom in BRAMHACORP BUSINESS PARK and living at THE COLLECTION by BramhaCorp can help you leverage the range of benefits that living close to your office can offer.